Preventing Breakdowns
Often expensive breakdowns are caused by poorly maintained equipment (e.g. blocked condensers not cleaned). Regular servicing prolongs the life of the major system components.

Reducing Refrigerant Leakage
Large refrigeration systems will inevitably develop minor leaks which lead to poor operating efficiency. Early detection and repair of these leaks not only improves operating efficiency but also reduces the risk of a major refrigerant loss and the subsequent failure of the refrigeration system.

Reducing Capital Expenditure
As part of a preventative maintenance program, we will work with you to identify plant and equipment that are approaching end-of-useful life and make recommendations regarding cost effective replacement options - allowing you to plan replacement in line with your CAPEX budget constraints.

Preventing Equipment Failure
Catastrophic failure of a refrigeration system can lead to major product loss and the associated replacement expense and possible loss of business. Critically for Aged Care and Hospitals the resultant impacts on food condition could compromise the safety of residents and patients.

Reducing Environmental Impact
Escaped refrigerants have a detrimental effect on our environment including damaging the Earth’s ozone layer. Detection, prevention and repair of plant and equipment to prevent refrigerant loss will help protect our environment and enhance your company’s green credentials.

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